Old, Gold and Cold….Eureka!!!!! A taste of history

Ballarat is steeped in history and home to some of Australia’s most iconic and memorable moments in time. In 1858, the second largest gold nugget ever found in Australia – ‘The Welcome Nugget’ – was discovered right here at Bakery Hill.

In 1854, The Battle of Eureka Stockade’ became the most significant conflict in the colonial history of Victoria.

Well, so to is Seymours on Lydiard part of Ballarats history. Built in 1857, it is one of Ballarats few surviving 1850’s hotels. Formerly known as The North Star Hotel, regulars of old still flock to enjoy a cold beverage, amazing food and have a chat. Beautiful framed photos showing the history is a talking point for both old and new. Restored and renovated while still maintaining the integrity of the day, we invite you to bring your family and friends and pop in and see for yourself a piece of history

Yes, we know it’s cold in winter, but the hospitality is warm and inviting.

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